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Name:Benji McKenna
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
(Mun and muse over 21. Benji is an original fictional character for pretendy funtimes. He's 29 years old (sometimes played through his twenties), about 5'7" and slightly built, sometimes walking with the aid of a cane, generally accompanied by his dog, Neil.)

The things Benji took with him when leaving Burray, a tiny Orkney island, were a deep respect for nature and a ready sense of humour, both necessary for growing up on a rock with a population of 400. He travelled around quite a bit after college -- mostly across America, Germany, and Scandinavia.

He's a gentle soul, friendly but a little distant to most, and he'd be a lot dreamier and more head-in-the-clouds-ish if he wasn't both telekinetic and pyrokinetic. As it is, he's honed the abilities carefully, and his main priority is living quietly under the radar. It's not unusual to find him selling wood-burned arts and crafts at fairs, but he'll skate around how he created some of the finer pyrographic details. Although he's a bit of a solitary oddball, keen on foraging and content mostly to live in a van with his dog, he's currently looking after a friend's haunted house for the winter. He'd like to get back into acting with travelling collectives again, but his ill health makes that a difficult prospect for the moment. He's one of those dressed-up tour guides at a castle during the day and can be found alternately working on his crafts and practicing witchcraft, watching Stranger Things, or playing D&D by night.
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